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The intersection of technology and treatment

A unique collection with the best facilities, equipment and modern medical devices

Suitable Space

Using the intelligent system in the process of controlling environmental factors for the well-being and comfort of patients and personnel

Sterilized environment

Creating a standard isolated space for needy patients

About NoorTeb:

Khuzestan limited surgery center with the aim of converging technology and treatment, collection A unique place with the best facilities, equipment and up-to-date devices and modern medicine with top American, French and German brands It has an integrated central sterilization system and operating rooms The standard with the latest technology in the design and construction of the physical space

Using BMS technology, patient safety, in accordance with standards 'WHO'

The use of intelligent system in the process of controlling environmental factors for welfare and Peace of patients and staff

Creating a standard isolated space for needy patients

Finally, accompanying the patient until the definitive recovery is safe and maintaining the comfort of the patient


The most important goal of establishing the Khuzestan Limited Surgery Center as a safe and specialized clinic in Khuzestan province is to provide national-regional services to domestic patients and international tourists, as well as providing quality services, time management in the treatment department until hospitalization and definitive recovery, as well as training. Continuous and continuous specialized staff and personnel .


The limited surgery center of Khuzestan includes four main departments: surgery, hospitalization, service and reception, which intelligent separation of these departments has led to the formation of efficient circulation for the users of this complex .

The different spaces of this project are arranged based on the maximum use of light, view and natural scenery, so that the resting place of employees and inpatient rooms have the largest share of light and natural scenery due to their type of use

Khuzestan Limited Surgery Center has isolation and hospitalization and recovery rooms and sterilization departments.

Khuzestan Limited Surgery Center benefits from the presence of the most famous surgeons with international reputation and with the combination of the strongest engineering designs and equipment and the best hands of doctors, it seeks to obtain the international IPD tourism license to accept international clients and extensive activity in the field of health tourism. It has been done to show the position of our holy country in the field of medicine to the world


Kianpars - Tohid Street(Pahlavane Gharbi St)
Phone Number:
Hours of Work:
06:00 Am until 09:00 Pm
  • Limited Surgury
  • Eye Clinic
  • Skin Clinic
  • Hair Clinic

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